Why Buy From Us
We understand that there are many ways people can launch businesses. And, now there are multiple drop ship companies that can assist you with launching your hair extension company. With there being so many different options, it makes it difficult to decide who to go with. And, with us ultimately being your supplier, or hair plug, and with us being in an industry where people don’t share where they get their products from. It makes it difficult for us to share our wins and to share who loves us. We don’t divulge who uses our company, unless they allow us to say so, which is rare. But, I as the owner and founder of this company want to share with you what the purpose of this company is, and hopefully with that info, you’ll decide to join our RoseGold Family!

RoseGold was started by a woman, for women! I started my own hair extension company over 10 years ago. I traveled to the Philippines when I was 22 to collect hair, and have been traveling to multiple countries throughout the years to insure the quality of our hair. When I started this company, it was after two years of traveling the US to teach women how to launch hair companies, and I realized they still needed/wanted more. I achieved financial success through the hair industry. My network has changed, God has blessed me within this industry, and I want to help other women achieve the same. And, the awesome thing about having me as the head of this company, is I know where you’re at, and I know what you need every step of the way! I know you’re looking to start a business to have an additional stream of income. I know your current finances may not be where you want them to be. I know you have dreams of having more. More money, more time with your family, more life! This company is being built to help you with exactly that. Everything I know you need and want, I’m trying to put into this business. And, we’re constantly building and improving! And, my sole purpose is to help more and more women achieve financial independence through beauty, entrepreneurship, and tech. I want to create jobs, educate, and give more of us women a chance to be a success.

How we plan to do that is through this unique business model that will help lower the barrier of entry to launching your product based beauty business. We do that by handling your inventory, fulfillment, and education so not only do you not have to stock, or ship products, but you also get the education to be able to sell and be a success. And, we are going to win together! This program is for you, we are of service to you! Whatever questions you have, however we may help you reach your goals, please let us know! Good luck and God bless!

Chanel Melton
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