Want to join the dropship program?

Please visit this link to purchase a monthly membership.
And, this link to purchase a yearly membership.

Pricing for the Dropship Program

Hair Bundle Price List

Length Vietnamese Straight SEA Wavy Burmese Curly Indian Wavy Brazilian Straight Brazilian Body Wave Brazilian Curly Brazilian Deep Wavy Kinky Curly
14" $64.00 $53.00 $64.00 $76.00 $47.00 $39.00 $49.00 $49.00 $65.00
16" $68.00 $63.00 $76.00 $80.00 $51.00 $43.00 $53.00 $53.00 $69.00
18" $75.00 $70.00 $83.00 $84.00 $54.00 $48.00 $56.00 $56.00 $74.00
20" $78.00 $77.00 $92.00 $88.00 $58.00 $52.00 $60.00 $60.00 $79.00
22" $82.00 $83.00 $97.00 $92.00 $63.00 $57.00 $65.00 $65.00 $84.00
24" $90.00 $88.00 $103.00 $99.00 $67.00 $62.00 $69.00 $69.00 $87.00
26" $84.00 $94.00 $108.00 $100.00 $70.00 $66.00 $72.00 $72.00 $92.00
28" $100.00 $99.00 $113.00 $103.00 $74.00 $75.00 $76.00 $76.00 $97.00
30"   $103.00   $112.00          

Lace Closure 4x4 Price List

Length Vietnamese Straight SEA Wavy Burmese Curly Brazilian Straight Brazilian Body Wave Brazilian Curly Kinky Curly Brazilian Deep Wavy
18" $80.00 $83.00 $83.00 $73.00 $73.00 $73.00 $78.00 $73.00

Full Lace Wigs Price List

Length Brazilian Straight Brazilian Body Wave Brazilian Deep Wavy Brazilian Curly Brazilian Straight 613
16" $212.00 $212.00 $212.00 $212.00 $293.00
18" $222.00 $222.00 $222.00 $222.00 $310.00
20" $256.00 $256.00 $256.00 $256.00 $344.00
22" $271.00 $271.00 $271.00 $271.00 $372.00
24" $305.00 $305.00 $305.00 $305.00 $401.00
26" $347.00 $347.00 $347.00 $347.00 $433.00

Full Lace Wig Prices-All wigs have a 3-4 business day processing time

How does Dropship Work?
The dropship program allows you to start your hair company without keeping hair in stock. Your customer purchases from your website and pays you for their order. You then come to our site and purchase what your customer ordered at the discounted dropship price, and we ship the order out to your customer for you.

How do I get paid?
Your customer purchases from you first so you get the payment from them, then you pay for the product on our website. Our prices are discounted for dropship members. So, you keep the profit. And, you determine the profit! You can charge your customers any price you want.

Monthly Payment Due Date
All fees are taken out automatically 30 days after your first payment.

What is Rose Gold Dropship Membership?
The membership program is a monthly/yearly membership that grants you access to the Rose Gold Dropship program where we enable you to start/run your hair company without requiring you to hold inventory. And, we blind ship out orders to your customers for you.

How much money can I make?
You get to decide your own retail pricing. Below we show you different retail pricing ideas and how much you’d make a profit per order.


Can I profit from Rose Gold dropship?
Yes, you can. If used correctly, drop shipping can be a great help to the success of your business. As you will be cutting shipping costs completely, there is potential to make a profit here.

You will save money because:

  • You won’t have your money tied up in stock
  • You won’t have to pay for storage and associated bills of storing inventory
  • You won’t need to pay for a warehouse, equipment or staff
  • You won’t need to buy in bulk – so you won’t have unwanted stock to shift

What is the difference between Dropship and Wholesale?
With Dropship, we deliver the product straight to your customer, and you don’t have to keep hair in stock. With wholesale, we ship directly to you. And, you keep hair in stock and ship to your clients.

Can I change my membership from monthly to yearly?
If you change your membership within 30 days you can upgrade to the yearly subscription without paying the $99 fee again. If you upgrade afterward you will have to repay the fee.

Can I start with the monthly membership then purchase the website? Will my $99 set up fee be returned?
Yes, you can. You have 30 days from the moment to purchase the website and your $99 will go towards the purchase of your website.

Rose Gold Dropship FAQ



Our returns/exchange policy is as follows, we accept returns for orders that are damaged within 14 days of receiving the items. Simply email us at Hello@RoseGoldDropship.com to receive or address to return the items. And, please make sure to ship with tracking info.

If your customer wants to exchange for a different pattern or length we require a 10% restocking fee and they must handle the fees associated with reshipping the items.  We DO NOT offer refunds for length, pattern, or “changing of mind”. If you place an order, or your customer places an order and no longer wants the items, we will issue a store credit only. All exchanges require a 10% restocking fee and an additional fee for shipping the items out again. Any cancelations of orders for the same reason, length, pattern, or “changing of mind”etc. will also require a 10% feee as it is a fee we take on from our merchant and will be required to pass on to you, so please verify your order before you pay. Please note we only issue store credits not a refund.


All of our items are shipped via USPS or UPS, you get to decide which one at check out. We do not have any control over your package once we drop your package off to be shipped. You must contact USPS or UPS directly for any delayed shipments, missing packages, redelivery, etc.

When will my orders be shipped?

  • All orders will be shipped within 1-2 business days. Orders placed by 1 pm will be shipped the same day.
  • *Any order over 8-10 pieces is considered a wholesale order and takes 7 business days.

How long will it take for orders to reach my customer?


  • USPS Priority shipping takes 2-3 business days for the order to be delivered.
  • USPS Express takes 1-2 business days for the order to be delivered.


  • USPS Priority shipping takes 5-6 business days for the order to be delivered.
  • USPS Express takes 3-4 business days for the order to be delivered.

Who pays for shipping?

You must pay the required shipping fee for the order to be shipped.

Can I have the order shipped to my company instead of my client?

Yes! however please note you will have to pay two shipping fees. One to us to ship it to you. And another fee for you to ship it to your client.

Will your info be on our packaging?

No! We blind ship all orders so our info is never listed on the package. Only our shipping and returns address is listed.

Can I ship with my own custom packaging? 

At this time, we do not allow custom packaging orders to ensure that we get all orders out within 1 business day. In the future this is an option we are considering however, it will extend our processing time for your orders to 1-2 business days and require additional fees.

How will my customer receive tracking info?

All tracking info will be emailed to you so you can email it to your customer or add it to your website when you fulfill your customer’s order.

Please note 

We only ship to verified billing addresses when making a payment with your credit card. This means, if you pay with a credit card, your order has to be shipped to your billing address. If you need to pay with a cc and want to ship to a client it is YOUR responsibility to email us a copy of your drivers license and to request a Credit Authorization Form. We have another payment processor, Kash which is direct deposit so you do not have to send orders to the same billing and shipping address. Nor, do you need to submit your ID nor credit authorization form.

If you pay with a credit card and ship to a different billing address, please email us this form and email us a copy of your drivers license to Hello@RoseGoldDropship.com.