Rose Gold Academy: Marketing Monthly Membership

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You can not build a successful business without first establishing a solid marketing strategy. Having a marketing strategy to create leads then to turn those leads into customers, then turn those customers into returning customers is very important.

This membership covers a new marketing strategy every month.

The training classes will cover Fb ads, how to increase your followers, how to create leads and landing pages, how to get reviews even if you're a new business, how to increase your sales, how to build your audience, strategies to build your audience from 0, how to close a sale, automations and so much more.

Each month a new training course will be released. You pay monthly and once paid the training courses will be released to you.

You will also get an 1 hour training course from me every month to insure that you understand how to implement the strategies and to teach you additional tips. And, it'll include a Q & A.

Your membership only covers one month. You will only gain access to the training done in that month. If you would like access to all courses please pay for the yearly membership.