Marketing & Branding Plan Complete +

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This package will include a 5 month marketing plan for your business,  a company audit of what you've done thus far, what needs to be changed to your business(it could be your website, your pictures, your product, etc.), I help develop your brands identity, and establish a solid brand for your company, and I will execute the marketing plan for you for 3 months. With me executing the marketing plan for you, I will be able to make the necessary adjustments when certain marketing strategies don't work.(It happens, no marketing strategy is fail proof) lol

Marketing is ever evolving, ever changing, and you will need to adjust with the market and quickly make changes if one strategy doesn't work. A budget of $2500-$5000 is really needed to fully utilize this marketing plan and to make a difference. But, you can also see a jump in sales with $1500-$2500.*If you do not have the money to market, DONT purchase this package!

I will do an audit of your business, I will then set up a call to discuss your current business and future business plans. I will tell you the adjustments I would like to see you make, tell you the possible outcome these changes can make, and a brief over view of what your marketing will entail. I will custom tailor a marketing strategy for your business. We will discuss what you've done thus far and I will develop a plan to bring more exposure to your business and to increase sales. And, I will execute the marketing strategy for those 3 months.

Your brand/brand identity is just as important as your product and your marketing. We will take time to create the perfect brand for your business. Identify your potential clients, and create a plan to garner their attention.

Marketing is in fact the most important part of any business! If no one knows you exist, they can not purchase from you.

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