Connected Dropship Monthly Membership $69.99 a month


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All new members must pay for the monthly membership AND the one time fee of $99. You can use this link for the one time fee Click Here! 

*An instant download is included with our welcome packet. Please note you have 3 downloads and one week to download. Please save to your computer. If you fail to save the document you will not be able to receive a new copy. Please be mindful of this when viewing from your phone.

This membership includes our Connected Dropshipping service. With the connected membership we help keep your website updated by automatically updating inventory levels, adding new products that we offer to your site so you don't have to(you can remove anything you don't want to sell), and we automatically receive your orders. 

Operating your own hair extension business has never been so cost effective or efficient!

With this monthly membership we will automatically update your inventory levels to make sure they are accurate. We will handle all inventory management and your site will automatically update when a product is sold or new products are added on any of our connecting stores. We also will automatically receive your orders. Once your customer places the order, our api will retrieve the order, and we will invoice you to pay. All of which can be done from your phone.

*Websites are discounted to $375 and the one time fee of $99 is waived with the purchase of a website. You must sign up for a Shopify site if you purchase a connected membership. Please use this link for Shopify sites, your Shopify site HAS to be registered through this link  Once registered please email us your Shopify url, email, and password.

Websites take 48-72 hours after you email us your login info.

You MUST email us your Shopify url, email, and password so we can connect your website. We can not connect your site without this info.

Dropship Membership One Time Fee

The sign-up fee gives you more than just access to our dropshipping system. You also get unlimited access to these items to help you market your business:

  • Hi-Resolution Product Photos (Over 400 pictures)
  • Private Facebook Marketing Group 
  • A welcome webinar to educate and help you launch your hair company (classes are held once a month)

How does RoseGold Pro Work?

Our program essentially acts a dropship/wholesale program that grants you access to our products that we then white label to you. You have your own brand, the company is completely yours. And, we send out the items directly to your customers, under your brand name, and your customers have no clue that we are shipping for you or that you’re selling our products.

Your customer purchases from your website and pays you for their order. You then come to our site and purchase what your customer ordered at the discounted RoseGold price, and we ship the order out to your customer for you.

What are the benefits of joining RoseGold Pro?

Keeping product in stock is expensive. For a small company you'll need $3500+ hair at a minimum. And that's if you only keep a few bundles in stock. If you don't have a lot of money to start your business with, having money for inventory is difficult. We stock all of the hair for you to free up your cashflow. We order in bulk to negotiate the best price. Most business owners don't realize how much money they spend by ordering 3-10 kilos at a time. The shipping fees from overseas are higher, processing fees, etc. We take care of that along with inventory management so you don't have to.

We are also the only dropship company that allows you to send in your custom packaging so we can use for your business. Your branding is important and we want to make sure your company is represented in the best light!


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