Credit Repair Business Master Class

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Starting a credit repair business is an amazing home based business that is easy to launch and scale. Credit restoration is in high demand and will remain that way! Even if you do not have any knowledge of what it takes to repair a client’s credit, Iteach you everything you need to know in order to launch your own successful company. I teach you ALL the trade secrets that I learned while launching my very own business with no prior credit knowledge. With this training I was able to get my score from the 400's to 706 in a few months.
As you learn more about credit restoration, you will even be able to offer consultations and advice. With so many people falling deeper and deeper into debt, now is the time to get into this business so you can assist those who are in need. Everyone is searching for a method to improve financial circumstances, but finding a way out of debt is elusive to most. Become an board certified credit restoration consultant, and equip yourself with valuable skills people are seeking daily.
This Master Class will include the following:
  • Tips on starting your credit repair business
  • Things to look out for when running a Credit Repair Business
  • The exact company I went with to learn the legal aspects of credit repair
  • What merchants to go with
  • How to register your business
  • How to get your first sale
  • How to get Bonded
  • Dispute letters
  • Information on the software I use and other software choices
  • Pricing your services
  • Marketing strategies to get your first clients
  • How to onboard new clients
  • My documents for clients
  • Automation for your business
  • My exact strategy for hiring oversees employees for little to no money
  • How to track your employees and make sure they are working
  • What companies to sign up with for credit building for your clients and additional money through affiliate programs
And so much more!