Launching your Business + Marketing Consulting Package


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I'm accepting two consulting clients to help develop your business from the ground up.
Businesses can be for a hair company, credit repair, a clothing company, wig business, health supplement, or a hair product business.
I will help you get the vendors you need, develop your business strategy, and develop your marketing strategy. 
You will need money for branding, product, and marketing. That price differs based on what business you have. For example, out of all of them the most expensive business to start is a hair company and clothing company. On avg you'll need  $2750-$5000, can be more or less.
Followed by hair products. $1500-$3500 depending on how many products you launch with.
A credit repair business, health supplements, wig businesses require less upfront cost thus return a profit quicker. On avg $750-$2000, can be more or less.  
*Credit repair business doesn't require product but you will need to pay for marketing, a website, business registration, etc.

With this package you'll be given what you need to launch your business. I will provide vendors, I will provide graphic designers, I will help to build out your brand, and I will create your marketing plan to get your customers and test marketing strategies so you can continue to grow your business even when were done.
We will be working together to complete everything. You will be told to execute certain things and I will do other things and get your approval. Meaning, I may start to build out your product descriptions and put them on your site for you to review. I will take your brand colors and build out your brand board. I will locate the vendors for your business, but it will be up to you to test them and figure out who is best for you. In all of these industries I have vendors that I've tried and can rely on. You'll receive a minimum of two vendors for your business.
Facebook ads will also be set up. Please note, new businesses require more money for ads.

Starting a business isn't easy and comes with a major learning curve. I want to make sure that you learn everything I have to teach so you can set up your business correctly and so you won't have to rely on anyone else moving forward. My goal isn't to be your crutch. It's to be a resource for you to excel! 

Once we have identified your ideal client, what product you will sell, etc. I will develop a plan of action for your company. I will help you with wording for your site and help you develop your policy pages. I will give a marketing strategy and call of action to help market your company and prepare for your launch.

Product packaging suppliers, graphic designers, website designers, walking you through how to register your business, setting up your website, developing your marketing plan, helping to make sure product labels and packaging is accurate(if it applies), and preparing you to get your first sales is what I plan to assist you with. Its up to you at what pace we move, but for some of the businesses, like credit repair business, health supplements, wig businesses I can have you set up and launched within 2-3 weeks (estimated time). 
You will have me consulting you for 4 weeks. Please make sure you're staying on task. This will be an accelerated launch for your business. Make sure you're accessible and ready to work before you pay!

Please note I do NOT provide product, pay for packaging, your website, etc. I will get all of the information for your website, provide vendor info, and your marketing strategies, but you will need the additional money to pay for your business. Keep in mind product based businesses are more expensive.

Upon purchase you will receive a welcome packet in the mail. Please provide your correct address and phone number at check out to make sure you receive it!

Price includes tax and fees. No refunds no exchanges.

In the notes please say what type of business you would like to start.