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RoseGold Wholesale Info


 Pricing for RoseGold Wholesale

All wholesale prices are discounted 15% any orders over $1500 will have an additional 5% off of the price.

How does Wholesale Work?

Wholesale through RoseGold consists of purchasing 10 items or more. 

Are there any restrictions?

You must be a member of RoseGoldPro.com to purchase wholesale. You must purchase atleast 10 items. And, you have to purchase 10 items of the same origin. Example: All Brazilian bundles, closures, frontals, and wigs can be purchased together. You can purchase any of these items to make 10 pieces. However, if you purchase Indian hair as well, you must purchase 10 of Indian Wavy or Curly to have your order processed. All SEA Wavy & Burmese Curly must be purchased together as well. Vietnams straight bundles, closures, and frontals must be purchased in quantities of 10 as well.

What is the processing time for wholesale orders?

Processing time for wholesale orders are 5-7 days to process the order before shipment. Please make sure you purchase your items in advance. *There are times we may ship your order out earlier, but we can not guarantee it.

How much is shipping?

Shipping is weight based and depends on your location as well as how much product you order.


Our returns/exchange policy is as follows, we accept returns for orders that are damaged within 14 days of receiving the items. Simply email us at Hello@RoseGoldDropship.com to receive or address to return the items. And, please make sure to ship with tracking info.

If your customer wants to exchange for a different pattern or length we require a 10% restocking fee and they must handle the fees associated with reshipping the items.  We DO NOT offer refunds for length, pattern, or "changing of mind". If you place an order, or your customer places an order and no longer wants the items, we will issue a store credit only. All exchanges require a 10% restocking fee and an additional fee for shipping the items out again. Any cancelations of orders for the same reason, length, pattern, or "changing of mind"etc. will also require a 10% feee as it is a fee we take on from our merchant and will be required to pass on to you, so please verify your order before you pay. Please note we only issue store credits not a refund.


All of our items are shipped via USPS or UPS, you get to decide which one at check out. We do not have any control over your package once we drop your package off to be shipped. You must contact USPS or UPS directly for any delayed shipments, missing packages, redelivery, etc.

When will my orders be shipped?

All orders will be shipped within 1-2 businesse days. Orders placed by 1pm will be shipped the same day.

*Any order over 8-10 pieces is considered a wholesale order and takes 7 business days.

How long will it take for orders to reach my customer?


USPS Priority shipping takes 2-3 business days for the order to be delivered.

USPS Express takes 1-2 business days for the order to be delivered.


USPS Priority shipping takes 5-6 business days for the order to be delivered.

USPS Express takes 3-4 business days for the order to be delivered.

Who pays for shipping?

You must pay the required shipping fee for the order to be shipped.


 Please note 

We only ship to verified billing addresses when making a payment with your credit card. This means, if you pay with a credit card, your order has to be shipped to your billing address. If you need to pay with a cc and want to ship to a client it is YOUR responsibility to email us a copy of your drivers license and to request a Credit Authorization Form. We have another payment processor, Kash which is direct deposit so you do not have to send orders to the same billing and shipping address. Nor, do you need to submit your ID nor credit authorization form.

If you pay with a credit card and ship to a different billing address, please email us this form and email us a copy of your drivers license to Hello@RoseGoldDropship.com https://www.dropbox.com/s/rksgw7hslvp2z2f/CreditAuthorizationForm.pdf?dl=0