Online: Hair Company & Credit Repair Classes

Online: Hair Company & Credit Repair Classes March 29th

This will be an event that celebrates entrepreneurship and hair!

You will have an opportunity to purchase deeply discounted wholesale hair to launch or sell through your company. There will also be a "How to Launch a Hair Company" class, that will teach you the exact next steps you'll need to take to prepare to take the wholesale you've just purchased and sell it to your target customers! We will discuss what it takes to launch a hair company. 

The topics covered in the class will be:

Creating a customer profile

Registering your business

Choosing a name


How to use your cc's to even pay vendors via Western union/Moneygram

Things to have before setting up your website

Branding- Including vendors and measurements you'll need for bags and boxes

Pricing for profit!


Email Sequences

Marketing strategies that work and go beyond social media

And, so much more!

This class will provide you with numbers that directly reflect the cost of our hair during this sale so you'll be able to see exactly how much you can make. And, we will give you marketing strategies that help to get your hair sold so you can make a profit!