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Hair Origins/Hair Grades


Brazilian Hair Extensions are the most sought after texture on the market right now. This hair is used diversely because of its softness, durability and density (thickness). This texture is easiest to blend with most ethnicity from some Caucasian textures to African American relaxed textures. Brazilian hair is extremely luxurious and very soft with a lot of body and natural shine. Its luster is low to medium. Because of the density of Brazilian hair, you may not want to use as many bundles as you would normally use with other textures to create a full look. Due to its natural density, with this hair, less is more. This hair is extremely versatile.

Brazilian Collection

  • Brazilian Hair Can Be Colored Up To #27
  • Reusable For 1-1.5 Years With Proper Care

Rose Collection

  • 8A Hair Can Be Colored Up To #27
  • Thicker Hair Than 7A At The Bottom
  • Reusable For 1.5-2 Years With Proper Care

Gold Collection

  • 9A Hair Can Be Colored Up To #613
  • Reusable For 2-2.5 Years With Proper Care

RoseGold Collection

  • 10A Hair Can Be Colored Up To #613 
  • Thicker Hair Than 9A At The Bottom
  • Reusable For 3 Years With Proper Care


Malaysian Hair is very luxurious because of it excessive shine. Its luster is high to medium. The hair has a very luxurious feel to it and has a great natural shine. The shine is however not excessive and after a few washes looks even more natural. The hair is very strong and for this reason holds curls extremely well. The hair is generally a nice dark brown color. Malaysian hair holds a curl very well. This hair can be colored up to 613 and will lasts up to 3 years with proper upkeep.


Our Malaysian Hair comes in Body Wave, Curly, Tight Curly, Kinky Curly, and Afro Curly patterns only.



Laos Hair is one of the most highly sought after types of hair used in hair extensions because it is highly versatile and is extremely shiny. It’s natural health and the textured strands are able to be turned into almost every trendy hairstyle and are a perfect hit for just about everybody. Laos hair comes from the country of Laos. Laos hair is healthy and extremely resilient. It lasts for years 3+. This hair can be worn it it’s original wavy pattern or straightened for a sleek look and will return to it’s original pattern once washed.


Our Laos Hair is raw single donor hair that we then steam for pattern. This hair has not been chemically altered in anyway and can lasts for 3+ years. Can be colored up to 613 and will remain healthy. 


Our Laos Hair comes in Straight, Body Wave, Loose Wave, and Deep Wave patterns only.