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Rose Gold Pro - Specialists FAQ

Our Price List: Current Prices


How does RoseGold Pro Work?

Our program essentially acts a dropship/wholesale program that grants you access to our products that we then white label to you. You have your own brand, the company is completely yours. And, we send out the items directly to your customers, under your brand name, and your customers have no clue that we are shipping for you or that you’re selling our products. Your customer purchases from your website and pays you for their order. You then come to our site and purchase what your customer ordered at the discounted RoseGold price, and we ship the order out to your customer for you.

Will I receive training, marketing tips, and business tips?

Absolutely! You are not expected to have experience as a business owner to be RoseGold Specialist. We provide the inventory, storage, fulfillment, education, and support you need to run a thriving business. The RoseGold Launchpad will keep you upto date on events, monthly training calls, and 24x7 online tools.

Our 24x7 community allows you to connect with other business owners to share tips, encourage, and support one another. What matters most is providing you with a warm, supportive community you can turn to for answers and to celebrate all your triumphs!

How do I get paid?

Your customer purchases from you first so you get the payment from them, then you pay for the product on our website. Our prices are discounted for our RoseGold Pro members. So, you keep the profit. And, you determine what you want charge for your retail products, so essentially you determine the profit! You can charge your customers any price you want. We don’t take an additional fee from your retail price, unlike other dropship companies.

How many hours do I need to work?

You are your own boss, we work for you! You have the flexibility to put as much or little time into this as you wish. Based on your schedule and desired income, you decide how much time you spend on your business. Most RoseGold Specialist have other jobs and only work 5-10 hours a week, others make RoseGold Pro their full-time business. It’s completely up to you own how you choose to run your business.

Is there a minimum I need to sell to remain an Independent Designer?

Maintaining your status as an RoseGold Specialist is easy! Simply sell at least $300 worth of products a month(aprox 2 customer orders a month), and remain current on your monthly membership fees.

Monthly Payment Due Date

All fees are taken out automatically 30 days after your first payment.

*Please note, if you miss more than 60 days of paying your membership, you have to pay the sign up fee again.

What is RoseGold Pro Membership?

The membership program is a monthly/yearly membership that grants you access to the RoseGold Pro program where we enable you to start/run your product based company without requiring you to hold inventory. And, we blind ship out orders to your customers for you. So, your customers have no clue that we are providing products for you.

How much money can I make?

You get to decide your own retail pricing.

Can I profit from RoseGold Pro?

Yes, you can. If used correctly, RoseGold Pro can be a great help to the success of your business. As you will be cutting inventory costs, there is potential to make a profit here. You will save money because:
You won’t have your money tied up in inventory
You won’t have to pay for storage and associated bills of storing inventory
You won’t need to pay for a warehouse, equipment or staff
You won’t need to buy in bulk – so you won’t have unwanted stock to shift

Our Price List: Current Prices

What is the difference between Dropship and Wholesale?

With Dropship, we deliver the product straight to your customer, and you don’t have to keep your product in stock. With wholesale, we ship directly to you. And, you keep product in stock and ship to your clients. You also have minimum quantities you have to reach to be able to order wholesale, which means you need a lot more money upfront.

Can I change my membership from monthly to yearly?

If you change your membership within 30 days you can upgrade to the yearly subscription without paying the $99 fee again. If you upgrade afterward you will have to repay the fee.

*Please note, if you miss more than 60 days of paying your membership, you have to pay the sign up fee again.

Can I start with the monthly membership then purchase the website? Will my $99 set up fee be returned?

No, so please make sure to decide if you'll need a website prior to purchasing your membership.

When will my products be shipped to my clients?

We will have all items shipped the same day if your order is placed by 1pm Eastern.  We ship Monday through Friday.

Who handles customer service?

You handle customer service for your company. You maintain the client, we handle inventory and shipping out the product.

How much is it to sign up for drop shipping?

We charge a $99 one time fee plus $39.99 a month for access to our drop shipping program. Or you can do a one year plan which is $479, the one time fee is waived.

How do I know if hair is in stock?

All hair available on our website is in stock and ready to ship!

May I speak to someone from your customer service department?

Of course you can! Please email us at hello@rosegoldpro.com


We only ship to verified billing addresses when making a payment with your credit card. This means, if you pay with a credit card, your order has to be shipped to your billing address. If you need to pay with a cc and want to ship to a client it is YOUR responsibility to email us a copy of your drivers license and to request a Credit Authorization Form. 

If you pay with a credit card and ship to a different billing address, please email us at Hello@RoseGoldPro.com with the subject line Credit Authorization Form Request 

Can you make a website for my company?

Of course we can! Simply purchase one of our website packages and we can have you up and running within 7 business days.

What is included with the website?

You receive a fully functional website on shopify.com. The website will include pictures of models, pictures of the hair, it'll be the exact site that is listed on the product page. The website is yours to keep. You get to name your own retail price and you can add your logo to your website.


All of our items are shipped via USPS. We do not have any control over your package once we drop your package off to be shipped. You must contact USPS  directly for any delayed shipments, missing packages, redelivery, etc.


We offer a 14 day refund policy for all items that don't meet your customer satisfaction in terms of quality. We offer store credit only. Simply email us at Hello@RoseGoldPro.com to receive or address to return the items. And, please make sure to ship with tracking info.

We DO NOT offer refunds for length, pattern, or "changing of mind". If you place an order, or your customer places an order and no longer wants the items, we will issue a store credit only. All exchanges require a 10% restocking fee and an additional fee for shipping the items out again. Any cancelations of orders for the same reason, length, pattern, or "changing of mind"etc. will also require a 10% feee as it is a fee we take on from our merchant and will be required to pass on to you, so please verify your order before you pay.


Pleas note we do not accept coupons for sale items. All sales are final.