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About Us

RoseGold Pro was founded by owner Chanel with the hopes of creating a source of not only inspiration but tangible action items to help young female entrepreneurs establish and expand their businesses. And, ultimately achieve financial freedom.


Chanel launched her original hair extension company in 2006. She had no name, tested out no vendors, and really knew absolutely nothing about the hair industry. However, she was a hair stylist, who specialized in extensions, and knew she wanted to sell hair. Ultimately she begged her mother for money, $2000, and she purchased hair wholesale from a local vendor. The hair was terrible quality, and she was stuck with $2000 worth of hair she couldn’t sell. At that point, she was discouraged and felt the hair business simply wasn’t for her.

In 2009 Chanel was forced to leave Atlanta and return back to her parents, completely broke, and with no clear direction of what she wanted to do with her life. Her parents required her to enroll in school and/or get a job in order to stay in their home. So, Chanel enrolled in cosmetology school in August. When her financial aid check hit her account she took $250 to purchase hair to sell to her classmates, and did so behind her parents back. She sold the hair, used all of the money to purchase more, promoted on Facebook, sold out of product again. This pattern continued from Septemeber 2009-October 2009 until she finally had to quit cosmetology school to focus on her hair company full time. Her first 6 months of business, she made over $100k in sales. And, her 6th month of business, she made $43k in one month. By October 2010 she was averaging $70,000 in sales, PER MONTH!

In November 2011 Chanel decided to take a last minute trip to the Philippines in hopes of collecting raw hair to sell through her company. She documented the experience and ultimately came home and realized she was expecting a child. For the next year she became a stay at home mom and stopped selling hair. And, in 2014 she re-entered the hair extension market part time and realized the hair game had changed. Lots of companies were popping up left and right. Prices of hair had gone up, quality had gone down. But, she was determined to build a solid brand. And, between 2014 and 2016 she began traveling to Vietnam, Philippines, Cambodia, Bangladesh, etc to collect hair. And, in 2015 she realized God was directing her to coach and help build other peoples brands. And, she began consulting hair companies and helping them build their brands. Her top clients have earned over $100k in the first 5-7 months of her coaching.

Today she runs RoseGold Pro which is a platform that helps people launch their businesses without purchasing inventory freeing up their money to brand and build their company. And, ultimately helps them achieve financial freedom through beauty + entrepreneurship + tech. And, she also runs The Rose Gold Academy which was designed to help coach business owners on successful ways to run their hair, clothing, makeup, and lash businesses. .