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Custom Packaging Monthly Membership $55.00 / month

Custom Packaging Monthly Membership $55.00 / month

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PLEASE NOTE: You still have to purchase a Dropship membership in order to place orders. The custom packaging only allows you to send in your own packaging for us to use for your items. This purchase does NOT cover your drop ship membership!

If you decide to purchase the custom packaging and the dropship membership, you will have to pay for BOTH $99 fees. The one time fee for custom packaging does NOT cover your one time dropship fee, and vice versa.

$55.00 / month and a $99 sign-up fee

Branding is key to a successful business. We realize you may want the option to customize the packaging that we use to ship out your orders for our dropship program. You can ship in business cards, hang tags, bags, boxes, and thank you cards along with a CLEAR picture of how you would like for us to package your items.

Your membership covers the cost of custom packaging all of your orders per month. It also covers the fees of storing your branding materials for your orders.

Each order that you place under your companies membership will be packaged with your packaging.

*Please note if you have one set of packaging for your processed hair and one set of packaging for your raw hair you will have to order two memberships and submit two CLEAR photos of how you would like your orders packaged.

**This membership does NOT include the actual packaging materials, you have to provide the materials you would like for us to use.