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Burmese Curly Hair

Burmese Curly Hair

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Please note all of the hair may not be pre washed. Please wash the hair upon arrival. This is the same Burmese Curly hair we've sold for years. 


Allow 2-3 days for processing due to the increase in orders.


Burmese Curly can be straightened, curled, and colored and once washed will return to it’s normal curl pattern. Please keep in mind that this hair is steamed for curls. We use raw wavy hair and steam for pattern. No chemicals have been added. Our hair is steamed for 3 days to lock in the pattern. 

*Curl pattern differs from bundle to bundle.
*Color Dark brown to off black.
*Our Hair is double wefted and is full from root to tip.
*3.2-3.8 oz bundles