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The RoseGold Pro program is the best in its field. I'd been wanting to own my own business for a long time. Without having the startup costs to make that dream come to fruition, the Dropship Program was perfect for me. It gave me the ability to start on my path to financial freedom, in a field that I was already familiar with. It's really exciting to see a company doing so much to empower people and give them the chance to become entrepreneurs.


I am seriously so thankful for deciding to join this program! Such a blessing. I joined when Chanel was doing a special for $29.99/month and was immediately hooked. RG is so providing and giving with valuable information and tips as well as offering classes for members to benefit from. I absolutely love how I don't have to deal with shipping from home- i can just place my order online with my info and my customers info. Eventhough my company (@Luxe.LabelCo) doesn't open until September 1st I've been purchasing from RG for personal wear, company photo shoots, etc. and the quality is impeccable. This team is definitely workinggg + I'd recommend anyone to seek membership! 10/10 from here in Maryland. 


Though my company is very new, it's afforded me the opportunity to expand my current business and make some passive income along the way. I'm trying to work smarter, not harder and this is exactly what RG Pro helps me do every month! Thank you! 

Renita Martin